Shark Fishing is an Experience you Won't Forget

So you want catch one of the most feared creatures in the sea? Shark fishing is an awesome adventure and perhaps the experience of a lifetime! Right up there with other extreme sports like Destin Parasailing, this adventure is definitely not for the faint of heart. Indeed, you will need to pursue with caution, and landing this predator isn't the end of the ride, either; you'll find experienced Captain and Crew at the ready as you reel in your catch! Sharks caught in the waters along the Emerald Coast include Bull, Black Tip, Hammer Head and more. Book a shark charter in Destin for an exciting offshore adventure.

Catch different Types of Sharks in Destin

destin shark chartersThere are several different types of sharks that you can catch while on a shark fishing charter. The most common shark in Destin are Bulls, Hammerheads, Blacktips, and Sand. Bull sharks are the most plentiful and they are also the most dangerous. Shark are typically not a fish that you can eat because their meat is full of toxins. You must carefully clean the fish if you wish to eat shark. Black Tip sharks are the most common shark meat you'll see on a menu because their meat has a unique taste. Smaller sharks are the best to eat (3-4t) in length because they are more pure. There are several captains that will run sharks charters in Destin. Just ask a captain about booking a shark charter and they will make sure you're all set. Don't miss out on one of the best things to do in Destin, book a shark fishing charter!

Customer Reviews from

Great Time Catching Shark
"had a great time fishing with Reel Time. They knew exactly where to go so we can catch shark. It was a lot of fun!"
Jason Boyles - Atlanta, GA

Good Afternoon Trip
"Wow, we can't believe how crazy these sharks are! We battled one of the sharks for 20 minutes and finally got him in. Best of all we were able to release him without any harm done."
Bill Clark - Huntsville, AL

Experienced Captain and Crew
" our captain did a great job teaching us how to catch shark and finding them quickly. we caught a few smaller shark, but I don't think we could have handled a 6 or 7 ft shark. We were very happy with our experience."
Dan Thompson, Detroit, MI